October 20th, 2014

Travel: Paris for the 2nd time


Hello friends. I know, it’s been so so long. There have been a lot of changes over the summer and we have also taken couple fabulous trips. Being said, lots catching up to do. But first, I am going to share our trip to Paris.

This was our 2nd time in Paris. Before we decided to go back I wasn’t sure if we will be as wowed as our 1st trip. We researched a lot of articles around planning the 2nd trip and I have to say we really enjoyed the 2nd time around and the city was even better than I remembered.

Be warned, one of our focus this trip was hitting the pastry shops.. delicious photos ahead. And we also visited Merci – the adorable design store with a cool cafe. In the next post I will share our day trip to the Château in the country side.


Yes, it’s gold foil chocolate on top.
Pastry-1 Café Pouchkine – our favorite pastry spot during this trip.  Russian luxury, stunning, delicate, and tasted like heaven! Located on the ground floor of the Au Printemps department store. Only few seats inside so we ordered to-go instead. Will definitely wait for a counter seat next time so we can also enjoy the Mille Feuille with the tea.


Merci – if you are looking to splurge and take home an unique souvenir, Merci is the perfect store for you. It’s also a hideout if you want to take a quick break from your busy itinerary.




loved the library style wall.

On our way to the metro, we discovered a cute corner. It’s Paris, everywhere is photogenic and we love it!


  June 10th, 2014

Meet the designer : One Must Dash

One Must Dash at Artsy Modern

When we first started we did not carry any prints in the shop. Don’t get us wrong, we found so many talented illustrators and artists, but we had a hard time deciding which style best fit with our aesthetic. Then we discovered One Must Dash, by a graphic designer and a copywriter. We fell in love at the first sight with their clean, black & white scandinavian design, plus a witty modern twist.

We are so happy that many of you feel the same as we do : ) This month we invited the ladies of One Must Dash – design duo Anneli Sandström and Anki Josefsson to our “meet the designer” session, hope you will enjoy this interview.

Q: Welcome Anki and Anneli, could you start by sharing a little bit more about you two? 

We worked at the same company ten years ago and couldn’t stop laughing whenever we had a chat.  It was love at first sight!

A few years later we decided to start our own business; to work together and laugh was so much more fun than to work apart and sulk…And to start up with typographical Art Prints seemed logical since we are a mix of graphic design and copywriting.


The ladies of One Must Dash – Anki (right) & Anneli (left)

Q: How did you come up with the name “One Must Dash”?

The name came out of our shared fascination for facial hair.  We LOVE mustaches!  A mustache is decorative AND a little bit funny – just like the essence of our business idea.  We then added a bit of our personalities into the name and there’s the dash; two energetic ladies who are always on the go.

Q: In your words, what is One Must Dash?

We like to be quirky, yet decorative. The idea is to let our shared humour and love for interior design guide us in the creative process.  Many clever successful companies design beautiful things, we wanted to put a twist on ours.

Q: How did you get into designing? Is this something you have always wanted to do?

Yes, Anneli studied graphic design at School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg and Anki studied marketing and copywriting at University of Gothenburg.


Q: What does the creation process like for you two to work together? 

We both have our studios at home; Anneli is located in Brighton and Anki in Gothenburg, Sweden. There’s a lot of skyping still in pajamas…

Since we always try to look of inspiration in quirky moments of everyday life there is a lot of laughter and happy tears.

Q: Our customers have loved your style in black & white, now we are seeing new collections in colors! Tell us bit more about your new collections?

We are always trying new things out. In the beginning of the year it was a little bit of color. Now it is more photographic illustrations. (Wannabee, who soon will have a friend print).

Q: Do you have a favorite piece and why?

At the moment we love our giant ‘Not Another Bag’, and the feeling of being postally stylish strolling downtown.

And of course Bossa Nova “When you dance I fall in love all over again”. We think a lot of people, including ourselves, can relate to that.

Q: Are there any other artists that you admire & inspire your style?

We admire Jonathan Adler a lot, because of his playfulness and madness.

Q: What else do you enjoy when you are not creating things?

Having friends over for dinner. Eating. Do large jig-saw-puzzles

Q: what else you would like to share with us?

Our philosophy: don’t take life too seriously.



  April 27th, 2014

TRAVEL: Spring in Amsterdam Part I

Amsterdam City Center Visiting Amsterdam has always been on our to-do list, and Spring seems to be the perfect time to enjoy the tulip fields and mild weather. Even though we did not have enough time to travel to other nearby countries, we had a great time exploring Amsterdam and its country side. Here we want to share some highlights from the trip and of course the design stores we recommend (on Part 2).

Our itinerary: Kaukenhof gardens, Zaanse Schans Windmills, Marken and Volendam, Amsterdam city dinner cruise, and spending the day in city center. Van Gogh museum.

Where we stayedDoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Amsterdam Centraal Station. We took the train in from Dusseldorf so we are looking for something super close to the train station. Honestly, you can’t ask for a more centralized location than this, plus its modern design, great breakfast buffet, and minutes from the train station, strongly recommend this hotel especially if you are using the train.

Amsterdam Canal Residence

Along the canal

Always a good day to bike around

Always a good day to bike around

The red city cruises are everywhere.

The red city cruises are everywhere. a nice way to see Amsterdam.

Keukenhof Gardens: This place is a dream of beautiful, colorful flowers. If you want to see thousands of tulips in bloom, you must come to Keukenhof. Unfortunately some of the flowers have not reached the peak, but it’s still an impressive scene nevertheless. AMS-6

Tulip fields

Tulip fields

We booked the transportation through Viator, but you can also use other options shown on their website. AMS-12 Volendam, Zaanse Schans windmills: This is another Viator tour that includes windmills and the village of Volendam. The windmills were so charming and it was such an unique experience seeing over 20 beautiful windmills. We also visited a traditional clog maker.


Volendam is a fishing village.


a quite little village, the designs are very charming.

AMS-17 AMS-22

Some Dining Tips:

Puccini Chocolate: being known as one of the best chocolates in the world. Also find non-traditional items such as chocolate covered potato chips.

Pancakes! Amsterdam: everyone says you must try Pancake when you are in Amsterdam. This is one of the most popular options in city center area.

Indonesian restaurants are also good choices, if you are with a group of friends, the small plates of Indonesian food will be good and fun sharing options.

See our next post on all the design stores & more. Have a good weekend!

  April 20th, 2014

Travel: A Spring Weekend In DC For Cherry Blossoms

DC Cherry Blossom

Finally, after a looooong winter we had some nice warm weather. Last weekend we took a quick road trip to see the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC. Apart from all the traffic on the road and snacking in the car, it was a rather wonderful weekend to enjoy the spring outside with a park of flowers in full bloom.


This is not our first time visiting DC in spring, but this is our first time to pick the busiest weekend to do it. Being almost impossible to snap a good hotel in downtown DC, we followed a friend’s suggestion and stayed in Crystal city area. We found the area to be really convenient and offers good dining options. For those of you planning to visit please see our hotel info below.

We spent all afternoon on the first day walking along Tidal Basin, the crowd was unbelievable and pretty enthusiastic.

View of tidal basin.

View of Thomas Jefferson Memorial

In Full bloom

In Full bloom

On the second day, we decided to visit Kenwood, Maryland, which is about 30 mins drive away from DC. . Before going, we were a little skeptical as we were told this is a residential area. Being really exhausted from the day before, we felt walking around a quite neighborhood for a change may be more relaxing – and we were so glad we did.

Kenwood Maryland -cherry blossom

So beautiful, very jealous of the residents here.

in Kenwood Maryland, Cherry Blossom DC

I can sit here all day

Here are some hotel & restaurant recommendations:

Crystal City Marriott: in Arlington, Virginia. just couple metro stops to Smithsonian/The Mall, and has its own access to the metro entrance, makes this an affordable option to stay during your visit to DC. It’s also very close to the airport and major highway.

Renaissance DC downton: when it’s not super busy in town (read: expensive hotel), this will be a good option that provides easy access to everywhere within walking distance.

Jaleo: our favorite restaurant in town by chef José Andrés. Now in multiple locations. Enjoy a night of Spanish flavor including Paella, tapa, sangria…remember to reserve at open table to save the wait.

  April 6th, 2014

Meet The Designer: Lee May Foster-Wilson of Bonbi Forest

Meet Bonbi Forest- Lee May Foster Wilson

The first of our “Meet The Designer” sessions is with Lee May Foster-Wilson of Bonbi Forest. Personally I have been constantly amazed by Lee May’s creations and can never forget how excited I was when I wore my apple green equus scarf for the first time. Hope you will enjoy the interview and feel super inspired. Please go check out all the Bonbi Forest collection in the shop and the beautiful new designs (Little Lovers Scarves). Of course, big thanks to Lee May for spending time with us!


Talented Lee May is making lockets by hand.

Q: In your words, what is the world of Bonbi Forest?

The world of Bonbi Forest encompasses everything I make, from paintings and prints to jewelry and accessories. It’s a colorful take on the natural world…you are never far from a blue horse, red tree, pink bird or purple grass!

Q: How did you get into designing/making? Is this something you have always wanted to do? 

I studied Fine Art Painting at the University of Brighton and when I finished I wasn’t sure exactly what i wanted to do. I worked for a year doing graphic design for a furniture company which taught me how to use photoshop well – a very useful skill these days! It wasn’t until I was stuck for Christmas present ideas one Christmas that I hit upon the idea of putting my artwork onto wearable and useful things to sell. I made some stenciled t-shirts to give as gifts and they were received so well, I had my lightbulb moment and began working on the beginnings of Bonbi Forest.

I realized stenciling wasn’t going to be quick enough or allow me much freedom with my designs very early on so decided I needed to be able to screen print them which despite going to art college, I had no idea how to do! I was too shy to go to the print rooms and ask to learn how to screen print when I was at college so I had to teach myself at home with the help of the internet and a very patient man at the screen print supplies shop. Many frustrating moments and lots of inky finger prints later I nailed it and still use a very similar set up today, albeit in a studio rather than on the dining room table.

My first break came when my friend Natasha asked me to make some t-shirts for her band, Bat for Lashes, to sell at a festival. I printed 100 and they all sold out within about half an hour of her finishing her set so we made more and they all sold out too. I started selling them through the first Bonbi Forest website and it really helped give everything the boost it needed to get off the ground which was fantastic!

I started making jewelry to go alongside the t-shirts I was selling and that went well too and things just grew from there. I used to make everything myself but these days I have a jewelry assistant, Mo who helps make the jewelry pieces with me otherwise I would never get it all done!

Coming from a fine art background, designing and making things wasn’t really ever something i thought I would be doing but I couldn’t imagine doing anything else now, I really love it and I feel like Bonbi Forest is a lifestyle for me rather than a job.

Bonbi Forest Hand Printed

Each Bonbi Forest scarf is hand-printed by Lee May

Screen Printing Close-Up

Screen Printing Close-Up

Bonbi Forest Equus Scarf

voila- then you have the lovely pink horse scarf!

 Q: What inspires you to create the way you do?

I don’t seem to be able to sit still with creative processes, I always seem to be trying something new or pushing what I can do with materials and that is why I create lots of different things. I think I would get bored just making one type of thing!

All of my designs have their roots in my drawings and paintings and sometimes I can see elements that would look great as a screen print design or another part that would work well in a jewelry piece. I tend to let the imagery guide what I am going to make and a lot of the time the processes all influence each other. For example my paintings have quite graphic elements in them which I think are inspired by the flatness of screen print designs and in the jewellery I sometimes like to incorporate natural stones which reflect my love of painterly washes and soft color…it’s like a big carousel of visual ideas!


Painting In Progress

Q: You live in the beautiful Cornwall, would you tell us a bit about there and how does it inspire you?

Cornwall is a very rural county in the UK, it has a very rugged beauty and is mostly surrounded by the sea with a border to only one other county. We are the little toe of England!

I find it very inspiring here and I think I naturally include things from the natural world into my work as it is what I know from where I grew up. Spring is my favorite season with all of the wildflowers blooming in the hedges and the animals all coming out of hibernation and I find that is seen in my work a lot within the color palette and subject matter. In a way it is important that my work reflects this as to me it feels genuine to draw on what i know from my immediate surroundings. I like to dream a bit though and I don’t feel too bad if I find myself drawing on other influences too. I recently made a jewelry design featuring little city buildings and I wondered if it was a bit of a departure but then i realized that it was a view of the city from the distant countryside so I felt better about it. The country side is very important to me and after spending a few years in the city I have come to realize it is where I feel most at home.

Q: You have created so many unique characters over the years, is there a favorite piece with special meaning to you?

If I had to pick one special one it would be the illustrated lockets from my jewellery range and in particular the Dark is the Night Locket. I was having a bit of a crisis of confidence before I made these, feeling that my work was becoming a bit too much like a lot that is available out there and didn’t really have my stamp on it. I was finding it harder and harder to see a link between my printed work, drawing and the jewellery but then I had a brainwave and figured it all out.

Dark is the Night was the first design in that range that I made and the reaction to it marked a real turning point for Bonbi Forest steering me onto the work I am making today. Being able to create a link between my jewellery and screen printed pieces has really cemented the Bonbi Forest style which is so exciting!

Dark Is The Night Locket

Dark is the night locket

Q: we love the new little lovers collection, tell us a bit more about that?

I created the Little Lovers collection when all things Valentines were speeding through my head! I don’t like to create things that are too specifically for an occasion though so I wanted to make a design with hearts that had a little more longevity to it and didn’t necessarily have to be given as a gift of love.

I love hearts anyway and drawing eyes on them has been a favorite doodle of mine for years so I wanted to incorporate that little weirdo touch into the design. I had been thinking about using halftones in my screen printing work for a while too and this seemed like a great place to use the effect, with a big paint smudge scattered with tiny hearts with little eyes. It has been a really popular design so far, I am really pleased with it!

The new Little Lovers Scarf in Berry

Little Lovers in Blue- Heart Scarf

Little Lovers Scarf in Blue – look for the little eyes!

Q: What else do you enjoy when you are not creating things?

I have a one year old daughter called Ruby who keeps me very busy! I work on a flexible basis spending half the day with her and the other half working so I get the best of both worlds. It does mean the odd late night and a bit of weekend work but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When I do get a bit of time to myself I like to ride horses. Before Ruby came along I used to get up early to ride before work most days and I regularly competed in dressage competitions. I’m not amazing at it but I did manage to qualify for the national dressage championships a couple of times in recent years which were very exciting experiences indeed! These days I only ride a few times a month just to keep my eye in but one day I hope to have my own horses again…

Q: Are there any other artists that you admire & inspire your style?

I admire so many different creative people, not just artists but other crafters, musicians and photographers too. My husband and I have collected a lot of books over the years and there is always something to turn to in the house if inspiration is needed. Two artists I have admired since I first started taking a serious interest in art as a teenager and who I seem to gravitate towards on our bookshelves are Patrick Heron and David Hockney. I love their use of color, paint, and their ideas. Their work is a constant inspiration to me.