October 30th, 2014

Travel: French Chateaux



Chateau de Chenonceau & it's rose garden

Château de Chenonceau & the rose garden

We decided to take a day trip to the French country side, and we found this nice day tour on Viator with three French chateaus, lunch, and wine tasting. The chateaux we visited in Loire Valley are : Château de chambord, Chateau de Nitray, and Château de Chenonceau.

Even though we had a cloudy day out but it actually made the scenery more beautiful. We started at Château de Chambord,  the French Renaissance architecture makes it one of the most recognized Châteaux in the world.


The 2nd stop was Chateau de Nitray including wine tasting session at the vineyard. It’s a small Chateau compared the other two places. We enjoyed the lunch with our fellow visitors and met the people who run the place. This was an unique experience as this is a working Chateau and it’s very interesting to see and understand how it’s operated.


a quant little place

The final stop was Chateau de Chenonceau (the first photo). With two gardens, and the castle spanning across the river, this does look like a royal palace. My favorite place was the hall decorated with French Renaissance sculptures. hall-1

Hope you enjoy reading our journey. If you have an extra day in Paris, I definitely recommend you to take a break away from the city and explore the country side.

  October 28th, 2014

Fall New Arrivals

It’s starting to feel really like Fall, right? In northeast, we have been lucky this year as the weather has been mild so far. But as we are closer and closer to the winter, wind and chill have taken over during the night in the past week.

Welcoming fall, we have couple amazing fall new arrivals in the shop (and more coming soon for the holiday) including the new Leopardi blanket from Kauniste Finland which gets us most excited about. Last year many of you have given us wonderful feedback for the siksakki blanket and how much you loved your blanket. We are so happy that we are able to bring this new design to you this year along with the new Confetti & Pastel sunnuntai collections from Kauniste.

Another news is we recently added the “kids” section to feature all the great finds for the little ones, from living accessories, decorations, to toys. We have new mini blankets from Donna Wilson, and the most adorable stuffed animals made with soft lambswool (the little rabbit & bear below).

We are inspired by many of you who told us how you decorated the kids room ( Tips – see this navy canvas storage bin picked by Parents magazine) and nursery, we hope you enjoy these new collections for kids and are inspired to add some colors and fun to your space.

See featured products below and let us know how do you think:

Leopardi wool blanket, Confetti cushion coverStir & Shake Cocktail Mixology Wall Calendar, 2015 Honey Bee Calendar by Rifle Paper coLambswool rabbit, bear, and elephant toys, Flamingo print by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co.








  October 26th, 2014

Travel: Days In Paris

Paris Street & tower view

We walked A LOT during our 4 days there, I have to admit it did feel different from the first time around. When we visited Paris couple years ago, we were way too excited and spent so much time making sure we did all the must-sees….almost everyday we had a super packed schedule. Thankfully we stayed in a central location (district 7) so we hit almost all the attractions we wanted to see (see hotel details in the end) without killing ourselves.

This year, we chose to stay at the same hotel because the location and easy transit nearby. But we took time exploring the local streets, we stopped for coffee and people-watching, we visited the country side, and we did our own little pastry tour( five pastry shops in one afternoon in Saint-Germain).

Paris street

Paris building design

The Eiffel Tower at night

Good night, Paris!

Hotel – Hotel Ares Eiffel : a cozy and quite boutique hotel. short walk from the Eiffel Tower and the Champ de Mars. Near the La Motte-Picquet – Grenelle metro station. Finding a hotel was not an easy task for us, we discovered this gem during our first Paris trip and we were so happy to return this year.

Best MacaronPierre Hermé: first time I got 2 macarons and 1 small tart. After we visited all the pastry shops on our list we went back to Pierre Herme to get half dozen more macarons…Passion fruit was my favorite but all flavors were amazing.

  October 20th, 2014

Travel: Paris for the 2nd time


Hello friends. I know, it’s been so so long. There have been a lot of changes over the summer and we have also taken couple fabulous trips. Being said, lots catching up to do. But first, I am going to share our trip to Paris.

This was our 2nd time in Paris. Before we decided to go back I wasn’t sure if we will be as wowed as our 1st trip. We researched a lot of articles around planning the 2nd trip and I have to say we really enjoyed the 2nd time around and the city was even better than I remembered.

Be warned, one of our focus this trip was hitting the pastry shops.. delicious photos ahead. And we also visited Merci – the adorable design store with a cool cafe. In the next post I will share our day trip to the Château in the country side.


Yes, it’s gold foil chocolate on top.
Pastry-1 Café Pouchkine – our favorite pastry spot during this trip.  Russian luxury, stunning, delicate, and tasted like heaven! Located on the ground floor of the Au Printemps department store. Only few seats inside so we ordered to-go instead. Will definitely wait for a counter seat next time so we can also enjoy the Mille Feuille with the tea.


Merci – if you are looking to splurge and take home an unique souvenir, Merci is the perfect store for you. It’s also a hideout if you want to take a quick break from your busy itinerary.




loved the library style wall.

On our way to the metro, we discovered a cute corner. It’s Paris, everywhere is photogenic and we love it!


  June 10th, 2014

Meet the designer : One Must Dash

One Must Dash at Artsy Modern

When we first started we did not carry any prints in the shop. Don’t get us wrong, we found so many talented illustrators and artists, but we had a hard time deciding which style best fit with our aesthetic. Then we discovered One Must Dash, by a graphic designer and a copywriter. We fell in love at the first sight with their clean, black & white scandinavian design, plus a witty modern twist.

We are so happy that many of you feel the same as we do : ) This month we invited the ladies of One Must Dash – design duo Anneli Sandström and Anki Josefsson to our “meet the designer” session, hope you will enjoy this interview.

Q: Welcome Anki and Anneli, could you start by sharing a little bit more about you two? 

We worked at the same company ten years ago and couldn’t stop laughing whenever we had a chat.  It was love at first sight!

A few years later we decided to start our own business; to work together and laugh was so much more fun than to work apart and sulk…And to start up with typographical Art Prints seemed logical since we are a mix of graphic design and copywriting.


The ladies of One Must Dash – Anki (right) & Anneli (left)

Q: How did you come up with the name “One Must Dash”?

The name came out of our shared fascination for facial hair.  We LOVE mustaches!  A mustache is decorative AND a little bit funny – just like the essence of our business idea.  We then added a bit of our personalities into the name and there’s the dash; two energetic ladies who are always on the go.

Q: In your words, what is One Must Dash?

We like to be quirky, yet decorative. The idea is to let our shared humour and love for interior design guide us in the creative process.  Many clever successful companies design beautiful things, we wanted to put a twist on ours.

Q: How did you get into designing? Is this something you have always wanted to do?

Yes, Anneli studied graphic design at School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg and Anki studied marketing and copywriting at University of Gothenburg.


Q: What does the creation process like for you two to work together? 

We both have our studios at home; Anneli is located in Brighton and Anki in Gothenburg, Sweden. There’s a lot of skyping still in pajamas…

Since we always try to look of inspiration in quirky moments of everyday life there is a lot of laughter and happy tears.

Q: Our customers have loved your style in black & white, now we are seeing new collections in colors! Tell us bit more about your new collections?

We are always trying new things out. In the beginning of the year it was a little bit of color. Now it is more photographic illustrations. (Wannabee, who soon will have a friend print).

Q: Do you have a favorite piece and why?

At the moment we love our giant ‘Not Another Bag’, and the feeling of being postally stylish strolling downtown.

And of course Bossa Nova “When you dance I fall in love all over again”. We think a lot of people, including ourselves, can relate to that.

Q: Are there any other artists that you admire & inspire your style?

We admire Jonathan Adler a lot, because of his playfulness and madness.

Q: What else do you enjoy when you are not creating things?

Having friends over for dinner. Eating. Do large jig-saw-puzzles

Q: what else you would like to share with us?

Our philosophy: don’t take life too seriously.